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Super Cat Urine

Cat urination problems can cause resisting stains on your floor, walls and furniture.
If left untreated, cat urine odors are responsible for heath damage and excess stress to your cat. This is caused by cats urinating outside their litter boxes and happens for
many reasons:

  • Cats are territorial; they mark their territory by urinating to warn others if they
    feel their territory is threatened.

  • Stressful situations can cause cats to spray; for example a dramatic change in
    your house or a stranger entering your house.

  • Cat Urinary infections can also cause your cat to urinate outside of their litter box. Schedule an appointment with your vet if you have suspicions.

Cat pee problems worsen when your cat keeps urinating in the same area over and
over again. Stains and odors become difficult to eliminate. To prevent this, you have
to provide adequate litter box and put it in a convenient place - FROM YOUR CAT'S
If you have a serious cat urine problem and need a complete solution that works in
extreme situations, then our systems will eliminate all cat pee odors and stains and save you time and money. 


Cat Urine Cleaner

For extensive information about how to eliminate cat urination problems, download our Free Cat Urine Remover Guide.
You will find complete information about how to clean cat pee stains and odors from
mattresses, bedding, furniture, upholstery, concrete floors,
sub floors, hardwood floors,ceramic tile and leather upholstery.


This eBook is the result of thousands pages of written research and thousands of dollars investment into research, design and refining of cat urine removal products. Our specialists, with over 10 years of carpet cleaning and maintenance and more specifically in removing cat urine permanently, have used our products in thousands of homes to make sure of their high performance.


See below the miracles you can accomplish by using Super Cat Urine Cleaner Systems:

Your Loop Berber Carpet

serious cat urine   remove cat urine
Before After

Your Medium Cut Pile Carpet

extreme cat urine   eliminate cat urine
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